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Welcome to MAE1331.DESIGN…

It holds some of my favorite work, design, photography, illustration.  And will hopefully give you an idea of my talents and skills, as well as the scope of my capabilities.

Trained in the "dark ages" on drafting tables and light boxes, my first love—typography—is still very much alive, present, active… and where I begin each project.  Key words to understand my creative approach to design:  simplicity, function, balance—art vs. reason, madness vs. precision, or as Shakespeare’s Polonius says of Hamlet (Hamlet Act 2, scene 2, 193-206) “though this be madness, yet there is method in’t.”  Must be my Swiss blood...

San Francisco, where I left a tiny part of my heart, was home for a solid ten+ years where I worked as a graphic designer, mostly in advertising, direct marketing, and publishing.  Clients and employers appreciated the research, focus, and attention to detail I brought to projects, the illustrative nature of my designs, and my photography experience.  I learned to love Thai food, the cultural diversity, walking in the city at night with my beloved, and whether something is red or blue really does not matter that much if it looks good and the client is happy.


Raising two boys, adopted from Russia, I became a full time mom, and gained a great many hats to wear:  art director, fund raiser, activity director, sports club administrator, photographer in the field, to note but a few.  I continued to work freelance becoming a master of multi-tasking, even as I find the concept too scattering of energies, juggling projects with soccer, lacrosse, wrestling, sailing, opera, and ongoing construction on the house.  It was hectic, but enhanced my ability to organize and manage time, and my appreciation for good coffee.  I used the name ndesign for these pursuits.  Operating as a one-woman-do-it-all shop for this  part of my career, I have a full understanding of the requirements— technicalities, intricacies, nuances, realities—from start to finish, whatever form that might be, of what it takes to get it a job done, to keep a client happy. 

My boys are mostly grown and on their own paths—thank heavens!— and I am eager to move on, for new experiences, a new adventure, a place to be creative, to grow, to use my natural talents and knowledge.  Changing the name I work under was perhaps an emotional reboot of sorts, but a practical change as well as the ndesign name was not available for website purchase.  I intend this new site as an organic one, so check back often for updates.  Oh, and incidentally, I love to work!!

Thanks for visiting.




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