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montana de jure assembly website

Here are screenshots  from the Montana de jure Assembly website that I built in the early
months of 2021 and updated throughout the year as the Assembly evolved.  This website design unfortunately succumbed to a hostile takeover of  the design and management of the website in January 2022, and resides in a far blander and dumber version now.

Home Page 
website3 copy 2.jpg
website4 copy.jpeg
website5 copy 2.jpeg
website51 copy_edited.jpg
website2 copy.jpeg
website5 copy.jpeg
Who We Are 
My idea was to use hands as icons/symbols of the work to be done to restore the earth, our environment, our culture and our state.  It also implies  a 'hands on' approach and the idea of working, who the working people of Montana really are. 
website52 copy.jpeg
website53 copy.jpeg
Life Force and PGSD affiliation
This is only a part page as the lower section is just logos and write ups on the various components of the structure of the Life Force group.
website9 copy.jpeg
Another page from the website showing the use of the hand icon/symbols to represent the people of Montana.
website22 copy.jpeg
website23 copy.jpeg

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