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STAMPChief Larsen & E57_edited.jpg
Stamp for Bob Larson, Assistant Chief at the time this was taken; he is since retired.  I took this photo on what must have been the hottest day of the year at a fire funeral in August.  The firemen were wearing wool, I wore cotton, and after said funeral, I needed the services of said firemen for heat exhaustion.
Stamp for Mike Kirk, a 50+ year volunteer.  He was standing at the base of the Bank of America building in Seattle, contemplating the firefighter's annual climb for charity.   I did not take this photo.  It was taken through a glass window so the challenge was to remove all the reflection and glare (and dirt) from the window.
Stamp for Rachel Ehlers, Vashon Fire HR at the time.  She posed for the image in the fire bay one afternoon.
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