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Welcome to Mae1331.Design.  Here you will find some of my professional work, as well as a few personal drawings and writings.  My hope is that this site will give you a good indication of my creative talents and design sensibilities, a bit of who I am.  It is meant to be organic in nature, growing, changing; new work, ideas, thoughts added as they come to the fore.  Change is, after all, the only constant in life.  


And speaking of change, seems I am at a crossroads of sorts myself.  No longer working for the Fire District as Chief Krimmert is no longer there, so am pursuing new avenues including writing and publishing on my own.  So stay tuned for that adventure.  Thinking of producing stories I have carried since childhood...maybe something along the lines of:  Tales I Told Myself as a Child or Tales I Told to My Child Self.  About growing up with ghosts in the shadow of the Bitterroots.  


What else?  Susan Wolf's P.S. Boats will hopefully soon be in coloring book format. 


Here on the home page I will again include a few of my favorite images from recent work.  So please peruse as you see fit.  Enjoy!

VIFR2019ACR.BCOVER copy.jpg


Krames Communications. San Bruno, CA.

Senior Graphic Designer, Inhouse Marketing Creative Services.

Worked with marketing managers to visualize and create adds,
brochures, advertising catalogs, and cross-sell materials. 



Freelance art direction, design, print & website
  Volunteer/pro bono design for a variety
of school, sports and community groups.


Montana State University, School of Art, Bozeman Mt.

Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design through Fine Art Program.
Special study:  typography, photography, music, theatre & art history.

College of Notre Dame, Art Therapy Masters Program, Belmont, CA.



Self employed/freelance graphic design  for a
variety of companies, other designers and clients.

© 2021 by Mae1331.Design

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